Wessex 504 Corporation is a non-profit company certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration to originate and service SBA 504 loans.

The innovative 504 loan program offers an affordable opportunity to business owners who are purchasing a building or capital equipment:

  • Down payment of only 10%
  • 20-year, low fixed rate on the Wessex second mortgage
    (10-year, low fixed rate for capital equipment)

At the same time, the participating bank has a more secure 50% loan-to-value with its conventional first mortgage. Everyone wins! Learn More.


504 Program Better Than Ever

The fantastic SBA 504 loan program just got even better for business owners and lenders. With the return of the powerful refi program, businesses can refinance their corporate mortgage and lock in our low, 20-year fixed rate for a portion of the debt. In addition, we can finance up to 90% of the appraised value. Any equity that the business has in the property (over 10%) can be used for itemized business expenses such as paying down payables, existing lines of credit, inventory, or other obligations of the business. We make it easy and painless for the business owner to save money and for the lender to strengthen its position - it's a powerful win-win for all.